Date Night with Mum :)

A few months ago, after a few glasses of wine and listening to music, Mum & I decided that we needed a “date night” and would go see INXS & Matchbox 20.  Tickets were not cheap but I have to say it was one of the best concerts I’ve been to in ages!  On that sad day when Michael Hutchence died, my girlfriends and I had planned to go buy tickets to the riverside gig in Brisbane.  THAT DAY.  So after many years, whilst there was obviously a MASSIVE element missing, was great to hear the music live.  I did like that they used a variety of singers, and even as “support” Rod Laver was full for their set.

I was quite a big Matchbox 20 fan ‘back in the day’, their first two albums take me back, and whilst I haven’t purchased an album since “Mad Season”, knew most of the hits from the radio.  I found it quite strange that the gig came up in a rather interesting (shall we say!?) moment in time… but I’m not saying anymore than that.


This last image was taken of a song that I’ve totally fallen in love with off their new album, which whilst playing, grabbed mum’s new Iphone5 and filmed.  (Naughty) Best heard up loud with earphones… “English Town” off the album “North”.

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Project 11/11 – October

OK so I’m very late with posting this month’s installment.  In fact I’ve almost missed the month.  I haven’t blogged on my business blog yet either, as it’s having an exciting makeover;)

The project was inspired by El Hogan’s 10/10 project.  The theme for the project is a quote El found:

“The days are so long, but the years are so short”

Thursday 11th October 2012: I had dreaded this project falling on the days when both boys are at school (AKA Daycare for Ash) however was lucky this day that my brother and nephew decided to surprise me and come visit.  Riley even cleaned my floors for me, before we popped out for lunch!  After settling into the office for a while, the boys came home a little early this day and we had the usual routine of playtime, homework, dinner and getting ready for bed:)

I’m also getting rather good at going way over the proposed 11 images for the day.  But I’m going to assume no one really minds!

About Project 11/11
I am guilty of not taking enough images of my children.  I did in the early years, hundreds and hundreds of images.  But soon it was “oh no mummy not a photo”.  And nothing to really document our lives.  Mobile phones have bigger and better cameras now, and everyone is embracing the convenience of having a camera RIGHT THERE, at every moment.  So another use for this project is to capture the everyday on the BIG camera, not just the iphone.  And it also gives a slight insight that is the ‘fun crazy chaos’ of raising two boys and my day as a photographer.

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Tracy - Adore no. 7 from the bottom… on the bean bag. I can never, EVER stop at 10 either :)

When Katie comes to town…

… it’s a party…

One of my dearest photography friends Ms Katie K of Heartstory Photography in Canberra came to Melbourne last week to help me photograph a family friend’s AMAZING wedding in Woodend.  She arrived on the Thursday because, well… We have the usual socialising to do.  As seen previously on this blog, us photographers tend to forget our age, and think we are 18 when we head out (however act with a little more maturity… or do we!??)

The “Friday Night Crazy” crew (consisting of some of my favorite people in the world Mandy & Simon) met up on the Thursday (which was sure to put the universe out on his axis) and boy did we have a hilarious evening/morning.  “We’re not drunk” I’m sure we said as we left The Avery in Richmond and headed to the girls traditional spot at Bar Open.  The decor had been changed (actually I don’t remember seeing THAT particular lampshade Katie & Mandy!!) and well, it was a pretty amusing night.  We completely lost track of time, and had a lot of laughs…

Simon also assisted on the wedding, photographing the boys preparation in Northcote whilst Katie and I where in Woodend (hence the ‘sneaky business’ exchange!)

$hit photographers say – “OMG the lighting in here is so awesome”  and  “OMG I totally have to IG this”

Yes, we were the last at the bar.  We owned that place;)

We concluded that one of the barman looked like Mike Patton.  Clearly, the photograph does not serve as evidence.  However this COULD have something to do with it being a photo photo!

“The Bar, is STILL open” (taken between 1-3am @ Bar Open)

The following day, after about TWO hours sleep, Katie head into the city and I went in to meet her (after doing the school run) and some more amazing photography friends for lunch and then coffee, and then dinner.  At lunch we decided it was necessary to have a cider, since we were ‘hardcore’ and needed the traditional “hair of the dog”…  And then at 5pm, it was time to quietly do it all again at dinner.  However we turned into pumpkins at 9pm and had an “early night”  (however this proved impossible.  Simply doesn’t happen when two friends haven’t seen each other since May…. WAAAAAAY too much talking and catching up to do!)

Saturday – The big day.  We rose just before 7, and headed to  beautiful Woodend.  Seriously this is one of my favorite parts of the world.  I would love to live out here (or the surrounds) one day…

Katie driving the BEEMA, and myself proving us photographers are masters at multi-tasking….

After the ceremony, epic bridal portraits we hit the road again to the city.  Katie freaked out when I finally informed her we were going into the HEART of the city and she may be required to do a hookturn.  She NAILED it!  Technically as guests we changed for the reception, however discovering I needed to get my lovely mother to buy stockings on the way, so below rocking the ‘dress over pants’ look!  But we did unintentionally have the same coloured red shoes… (red shoes go faster)

At midnight we concluded our rockin’ wedding coverage and headed home to two bottles of Champagne, salt & vinegar chips; woke the housemate up who was asleep on the couch and began the marathon task of downloading the memory cards.  The second image we titled “22 hours and still rockin”  Taken at around 4am when we got the last memory card downloading.  Watching Rage on TV, (which unfortunately for Katie & I was “heavy metal night”…)  We finally hit the sack around 5am.

And lastly, my favorite image Katie took of us as we were leaving Woodend.  (And the beautiful necklace Katie gave me, which I’m totally in love with!!  Thankyou!!) Personally I think we made a pretty fantastic team, and of course had a ball…

Amazing weekend… Catching up with so many friends I haven’t seen in ages… Can’t wait for next time;)xx

(all images a combination of myself & Katie on the iPhone 4)

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The Voice of the Rain

A photographer friend of mine Jeremy Beasley has an amazing personal project called “The Voice of the Rain“. By producing (what I know will be) an amazing photography art book, he is raising money to build a family in Fiji a home.
There is also a facebook page for the project HERE
Please visit the following and pledge your support! Amazing cause by an amazing photographer! x

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Forget me not, for this is my new wonderland!







All images iPhone – vsco cam

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